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19 July 2005 @ 04:45 am
z_r_o's resource post  
last updated: july 29, 2005

this post contains all the sources of textures, brushes, gradients, and images (scans and screencaps) that i use in my icons. this list will be updated whenever necessary.

___candyrain _trendi abi_j alaskanicons
awmpnet blifme blimey_icons bombayicons
cdg_brushes celygraphix colorfilter cosmo_mouse
elli fallen_harmony forbiddenstorm fuzzy
dearest gerlstar graphicjunkie hilifegraphics
hisatomi i_consent iconistas iconophilia
iconswithlove idiotequeicon ingridmatthews iroka
julia_thorne13 lady_banteerin lily_sunshine luridmuse
magnetboyicons metrosex miggy myrasis
mythographica noctuidae noldo_icons purplehazearts
relativebeauty scarsonchest september_icons unknown_species
veredgf wound3d x_nyxie_x

minusthewalrus _lighthouse 77words cassie47
colortone dj43 icon_maiden iconisms
meleada ohpaintbrush quebelly neke

__innerfangirl ladyheatherlly detoxcocktails ech011
firithel_icons oxoniensis rough_draft___ marx
icrush washed_away_art

 prince of tennis fet, mangacity, chellie_
 bleach manga-rain, toriyama's world, soul-society, bleach sp, yuumeko,
soul_society, bleachsc
 naruto toriyama's world, inane, japanime
 one piece mangascreener, ryokurin, #null@irchighway
 tenimyu dilettantka, hinoai
 d.gray-man yanime, timcanpi
 eyeshield 21 mangacity, akatsuki-manga, #ya-ha@irchighway, german devils
 full metal alchemist toriyama's world, fullmetal-alchemist.com, evil-genius
 parfait tic manga project, parfaittic