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&plastic time machine;

coz we are all living in one

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& c o n s p i r a c y;
i_c_o_n is the joint icon dump of z_r_o and etranze, two girls obsessed with manga/anime. so most of our icons will be manga/anime-related, although we might throw in random stuffs occasionally, depending on our whims.
ryuuseiORG; abaraiORG; kuchikiORG
songstressORG; obscureCC; shunsuiORG
& r u l e s;
& c r e d i t i n g; credit if taking any icon. you may credit the particular artist (z_r_o or etranze) or the journal (i_c_o_n) in the icon's comments or keywords. (if you don't know how, check out this nice tutorial.) this way, if others like the icon they see, they will be able to find where to get it.
& c o m m e n t i n g; please comment, especially when taking. we'd love to know which ones you took, so we'd have an idea of what kind of icons we should make more in the future.
& e d i t i n g; textless icons are not to be treated as bases. please do not edit them, unless otherwise stated.
& f r i e n d i n g; membership in the community is closed, but we'd love it if you can friend us so you'd be updated whenever we post new stuff.
& i n f o r m a t i o n;
& a r c h i v e s; all icons will be archived in the memories section, sorted by series for easier reference. you may also want to view the icons using the tags.
& r e q u e s t s; we will be accepting requests from time to time. please refer to the request post to check out the request status and guidelines.
& r e s o u r c e s; image sources (scans, screencaps) will be credited in each individual post. the brushes, textures, and gradients used by z_r_o are credited in her resource post.
& a w a r d s; winning icons in various icontests are archived in this post.
& a f f i l i a t e s;
we are looking for affiliates! if you have an icon journal and would like to affiliate, please leave a comment in this post.
janicons motive_icons iconcerto icon_high
iconblue iconists iconsmex artabstrait
pseudein i_consent ___candyrain pookage
monokuroicons falsegod